Workplace Safety is Like Riding a Bike...

Or is it? As a safety professional, this is what I’ve been wrestling with over the past week as I sit on my front porch watching my 8 year old son “teach himself” (not entirely true, but...) how to ride a two wheeled bicycle without training wheels in the burned-out grass of our front yard. After only a single week (totaling less than 6 hours), he’s gone from being able to make less than one complete revolution of the pedals (an early metric I established) to being able to complete linked turns and stop using the brakes instead of gravity and friction. It’s a pretty remarkable achievement, and my wife and I couldn’t be prouder. Those of you who I’ve worked with in the past have likely heard

Don't Rush Changes to Workplace Post-Incident Substance Testing Policies...

There's been a lot of chatter in various online venues concerning OSHA's recent "electronic reporting rule" and anti-retaliation language therein related to post-incident/accident substance testing in the workplace. The details straight from the horse's mouth are available here (, so I won't bore you with the specifics. I will, however, offer a few words of caution... The tenor of many articles and comments is that OSHA is effectively putting an end to "automatic" across-the-board post-incident/accident testing. I don't think anybody (including OSHA) really believes that things are that clear-cut. Put simply, OSHA's initial

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